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Enrichment Programs 2020 Proposal Submission

WEP 2020 Call for proposals - Guidelines

The annual two-week Winter Enrichment Program results from selected proposals submitted by the KAUST community. The KAUST Winter Enrichment Program (or WEP) is one of the signature events during KAUST’s academic year.  It will take place over two weeks in January 2020 from Sunday, January 12 to Thursday, January 23 and allows our students to think beyond the borders of their traditional disciplines.  We are pleased to announce that WEP 2020, chaired by Niv​een​ Khash​​ab​, Associate Professor, Chemical Science (PSE) and Co-Chaired by: Khaled Nabil Sa​lam​a, Professor, Electrical Engineering (CEMSE) which will be aligned to the theme  ‘Personalized Medicine.’ Deadline for submissions: Sunday, May 12, 2019. 

WEP 2020 'Personalized Medicine' 

Personalized medicine is the natural progression of medicine and science, that aims at tailoring practices, interactions and medicine to the individual patient. We must work to ensure that the best medicine is provided to the correct patient for treating and potentially preventing critical illnesses. How is personalized medicine going to impact your personal life? 

WEP 2020 will focus on the following broad areas​: 

  • The future of medicine: how can we leverage current science and technology to implement customized treatments, drugs, applications, and biotechnology?
  • The use of personalized medicine and genetic information in security, biology, AI, technology, science…
  • ​The economic impact of personalized medicine and technology and how does it fit in the vision 2030.
  • The impact of culture, ethics, and environment on personal health.​
  • New trends on well-being and lifestyle.​
​For any questions regarding your proposal, please email us at​.​

Who can submit a WEP poposal?

All applicants should be part of the KAUST community.

  • KAUST faculty
  • KAUST students
  • KAUST staff
  • KAUST community
  • KAUST alumni
  • KAUST self-directed groups
  • KICP partners ​

What is a WEP proposal?

Interested in inviting a speaker for a keynote lecture, or an artist to offer a workshop? Would you like to be a presenter on the WEP stage?  WEP offers the community the chance to propose content for a wide variety of events related to a new theme each year. We invite you to submit a proposal related to this year’s theme. Proposals that fall under a different topic will also be considered for future programs. 

Proposals will be reviewed for their ability to enrich and broaden the knowledge and the experience of graduate students and the larger community and In-Kingdom visitors.  Your proposal cannot be a specialized symposia or class that could be offered during the academic year to a specific group of students.

WEP includes credited and non-credited offerings. Credited offerings are available to MS and PhD students to attend to fulfill their WEP attendance requirements. Your proposal might be offered for credits depending on the different categories; keynote lectures, academic, personal & professional development, entrepreneurial, cultural, recreational or film festival.  The Committee will decide the final credit amount. 

Speakers and instructors may be:

  • KAUST faculty, students, staff or community members
  • In-Kingdom speakers
  • International speakers

Examples of proposal formats: 

 - Keynote lectures: are signature events selected as part of a series of the main lectures aligned with the theme. All keynote lectures are mandatory for students to attend. Typically, a 90-minute session is scheduled in the evening or as a lunchtime lecture. All keynote lectures take place in the auditorium, building 20. An interactive Q&A session with the audience concludes this session.

Lectures: Lectures are of a duration of a 45 minutes plus a 15-minute Q&A session. Lectures are scheduled at lunchtime or in the afternoon in the lecture halls of building 9 or one of the spine auditoriums with a capacity of up to 150 attendees.

Courses: could be multiple sessions usually scheduled in the morning from 9-12. Students are usually expected to take part in all sessions and display their work at the end of the course.

- Event: This type of proposal entails a specific activity such as our annual poster competitions, farmers market or the 5k /8k run.

- Workshops: Is an interactive session with a smaller number of participants and the course instructors usually 1-3-hour sessions.

-Exhibitions: Are displayed on grids, easels , screens or special panels customized for specific requests. Typically, exhibitions are displayed during the ​entire duration of the program. Presentations and guided tours are also part of the overall planning around this proposal. Alternatively, a reception is held at the opening ceremony.

-Panel Discussion: An interactive or virtual discussion between audience and panelists​. 

- Field Trips & Tours: This could be on campus at one of our research centers or a scheduled trip to town. Participants are asked to register in advance. Trips during the week must return to campus by 5pm. 

- Movie: Every year we host a WEP Film Festival, featuring a curated selection of films related to our theme. Proponent of movies are also asked to submit a presenter for the introduction and the Q&A session at the end of the movie. ​​ 

-Performance: This proposal is usually a world-renowned musical or artistic talent performances.​

What is the requested information?

What is the learning outcome of this event? What can attendees expect to benefit and take away from this event? The description of your event should be brief and clear (1000 characters)  Make sure this description is easy to read and understandable for anyone in our community avoiding the use of advanced technical terms. 

Your proposal will fall into the following categories; keynote lectures, personal & professional development, entrepreneurial, academic, cultural, recreational or film festival.

The below PDF lists all the requested information to proponents to complete the online application form.​

How to submit a proposal –Requested information.pdf


What is the review process?

The WEP Committee in charge of reviewing and selecting the proposals is comprised of faculty, staff, students, and schoolteachers representing all members of the KAUST community.

The committee selects proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Potential to enrich and inspire
  • Broad appeal to students and community
  • Quality of speakers
  • Length
  • Cost vs. benefit

What is the timeline? 

The WEP Committee will be reviewing your proposal between May, June & July
Then you will receive a notification to inform you if your proposal has been selected or non-selected during the Summer.
The WEP Committee will officially send out invitation letters to the speakers during the ​Summer.

What does WEP financially support?

Once the WEP Committee accepts your proposal, the WEP department agrees to financially support the following:

  • Financial Support of the Speaker(s)
    • Travel and lodging arrangements (visa: We will assist and guide the speaker through the visa process. The visa will be approved by the Saudi Authorities, airfare ticket, transportation, KAUST Inn and meals) as per the WEP travel policy guidelines (available upon request).
    • Honorarium might be granted and it varies according to the contribution. KAUST speakers are not eligible for honorarium. 
    • Social Activities: expenses paid for WEP-scheduled activities may include*, a Red Sea boat trip, Jeddah tour, access to the beach, gym and golf course
  • Financial Support of the Event
    • Logistics and purchase of special material
    • Advertisement
    • Catering

Please note, WEP will not financially support and organize any other activities. Keynote speakers will be considered on a case by case basis.

*In compliance with updated KAUST policies. 


What is the role of the applicant if your proposal is selected?

If the WEP Committee selects the proposal, you will be invited to join a meeting to provide you with the time of your proposed speaker's event is held. You must be available on campus during the time your proposed speaker’s event is held and to act as their guide on campus.  You will need to assist in the speaker’s agenda for their time at KAUST and the logistics of your event.  

Submit your WEP proposal

We thank you very much for your interest in submitting a proposal, to start please click ​ap​​ply. ​


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