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Enrichment Programs 2019 Proposal Submission

WEP 2018 Call for Proposals - Guidelines
The annual two-week Winter Enrichment Program results from selected proposals submitted by the KAUST community.  

The KAUST Winter Enrichment Program (or WEP) is one of the signature events during KAUST’s academic year.  It will take place over two weeks in January 2018 from Sunday, January 14 to Thursday, January 25 and allows our students to think beyond the borders of their traditional disciplines.  We are pleased to announce that this WEP 2018, chaired by Omar Knio, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, will be tied to the theme of ‘Human-Machine Future.’ 

WEP 2018 will particularly focus on the following three broadly defined topics: 

  • Sensing (by humans and/or machines);
  • Networks (of various kinds, including chemical, biological, power, communication, computer, transportation and social);
  • Data (machine and/or sensor generated);
  • and will also explore how rapid developments in related fields are shaping a new future for both humans and machines.

The WEP Chair, Professor 
Omar Knio, is pleased to launch the WEP 2018 call for proposals.  Be the first 50 to submit and receive a free gift!

For any questions regarding your proposal, please email us at​.

Who can submit a WEP Proposal?

  • KAUST faculty
  • KAUST students
  • KAUST staff
  • KAUST community
  • KAUST alumni
  • KAUST Departments
  • KAUST Divisions
  • KAUST Research Centers
  • KAUST self-directed groups
  • KICP partners 

What is a WEP Proposal?

Interested in inviting a speaker for a Keynote Lecture, or an artist to offer a workshop? WEP offers the community the chance to propose content for a wide variety of events related to a new theme each year.  This year’s theme is ‘Human-Machine Future.’  We invite you to submit a proposal related to this theme.  Your proposal must fall into the following categories – Academic, Skills, Entrepreneurial, Cultural and Recreational – and format – keynote lectures, courses, workshops, seminars, events, field trips or lectures.

Proposals will be reviewed for their ability to enrich and broaden the knowledge and the experience of graduate students and the larger community.
  Please make sure that what your proposal is not a specialized symposia or class that could be offered during the academic year to a specific group of students.

WEP includes credited and non-credited offerings. Credited offerings are available to MS and PhD students to attend to fulfill their WEP attendance requirements. Your proposal may be granted credits depending on academic, skills, entrepreneurial or cultural content.  The Speaker Selection Committee will decide the final credit amount.

Examples of credited offerings:

  • 1-hour lecture: 1 credit
  • 3-day half-day course: 6 credits

Speakers and instructors may be:

  • KAUST faculty, students, staff or community members
  • In-Kingdom speakers
  • International speakers
What is the review Process?

The WEP Speaker Selection Committee in charge of reviewing and selecting the proposals is comprised of faculty, staff, students, and schoolteachers representing all members of the KAUST community.

The Committee Selects Proposals Based on the Following Criteria:

  • Potential to enrich and inspire
  • Broad appeal to students and community
  • Quality of Speakers
  • Length
  • Cost vs. benefit

What is the Timeline? 

The WEP Speaker Selection Committee will be reviewing your proposal between May and July.
You will receive a notification in the summer to inform you if your proposal has been: selected or non-selected. 
The WEP Speaker Selection Committee will officially send out invitation letters to the speakers during the summer.

What does WEP financially support?

Once the WEP Speaker Selection Committee accepts your proposal, the WEP department agrees to financial support the following:

  • Financial Support of the Speaker(s)
    • Travel and logging arrangements (visa, airfare ticket, transportation, KAUST Inn and meals) as per the WEP travel policy guidelines (available upon request).
    • Honorarium of 700 US dollars per active day on campus (granted for academic speakers).  Please note, honorarium may differ for non-academic speakers/instructors as per recommendation of the applicant and approval of the review committee.  KAUST speakers are not eligible for the honorarium. 
    • Social Activities: expenses for WEP-schedule activities may include*, a Red Sea boat trip, Jeddah tour, and access to the beach, gym and golf course
  • Financial Support of the Event
    • Logistics and purchase of special material
    • Advertisement
    • Catering

Please note, WEP will not financially support and organize any other activities. The keynotes will be considered as a special case.

*In compliance with updated KAUST security policies 

What is the Role of the Applicant?

If the WEP Speaker Selection committee selects the proposal, you will be invited to join a lunch meeting to provide you with more detailed information in late Summer.  You must be available on campus during the time your proposed speaker’s event is held and to act as their guide on Campus.  You will need to assist in the speaker’s agenda for their time at KAUST and the logistics of your event, as well as introduce the speaker during the event and give them their award. 

How to Submit a WEP Proposal?

To submit a proposal, please complete the online application form on the next page. 
Please note that due to the high volume of applications that we receive, only applications submitted through the online form will be considered.

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